BodyWork by Tery, LLC
Therapeutic Massage Therapy

Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.


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Swedish massage, Deep Tissue, Sports massage,  PRE and Post event.  Pregnancy massage, Geriatric, Infant and Adolescent massage. Therapeutic massage


60 minute massage                                 $60.00

30 minute massage                                 $35.00

90 minute massage                                  $90.00

60 minute couples massage.                   $120.00

60 minute Hot Stone Massage                $70.00

90 minute Hot Stone                                 $95.00

30 minute Cupping Therapy.                    $40.00

60 minute Cupping Therapy.                    $75.00

Facial Cupping.                                           $45.00

Bemer Therapy.                                           $20.00

Foot Reflexology.                                        $40.00


                Nutritional Counseling

Initial Evaluation                                    $95.00

includes Reams test, Nutritional counseling and Traditional Flower remedy evaluation.

Retest                                                         $75.00

Reams test, Nutritional counseling and TFR consultation              

Nutritional Counseling only                   $30.00

TFR consultation                                      $30.00

TFR refill                                                     $10.00